You are invited to participate in this survey because you are a user of the Chronic Pain Pathway (from now on called "the pathway").

Your participation is voluntary. If you decide to participate, you may fill out the below survey and if you do not wish to participate, you may close this internet page. There are no known or anticipated risks in participating. If you choose not to fill out the survey, this will not have any affect on the care you receive.

The Regina Chronic Pain Pathway Implementation Team of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is conducting this survey to find improvements in functionality and content for the pathway. We are hoping to have feedback on the pathway's usefulness and ease of use in helping patients manage their chronic pain.

We greatly appreciate any feedback you might provide.


We are not collecting personal identifying information and your responses will remain confidential. You may stop the survey at anytime while filling out the form. Once you submit your survey, it will not be possible to remove your responses as we will not know which survey was yours.

Results from this survey may be presented to Chronic Pain Pathway implementation team and SHA leadership for continued improvement of the pathway and treatment of chronic pain by SHA.


Below is the survey. Please review the Chronic Pain Pathway prior to starting the survey. Please take as much time to complete the survey as you need.

If you would like more information on the survey or the Chronic Pain Pathway, you may contact

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